Kesha Has Yet Again Lost Another Legal Battle With Producer Dr. Luke

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Singer Kesha made abuse claims public against her producer in 2014. Despite the great support of the public, things have not been working in her favor in the courtroom.

On Tuesday, New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich turned down Kesha’s attempt to break her contract with her producer, rejecting a motion to file an amended complaint. In April 2016, Kesha’s claims against the producer were dismissed.

Dr. Luke, filed a complaint against Kesha in 2014 for failing to work on her third album as required under her contract. Kesha filed a countersuit, hoping to be released from the contract on the basis of allegations that Dr. Luke had verbally and sexually abused her over the years.

After the success of her first two albums, the judge noted that Kesha sought higher royalties, but Dr. Luke rejected the request.

Kesha began working on the third album last fall. Her lawyers assert that Dr. Luke still interferes and delays the album’s release, which he denies.

“Dr. Luke has aggressively sought to financially destroy Kesha by keeping her under his control while simultaneously waging a nuclear litigation campaign against her,” said one of Kesha’s attorneys. “It is a vendetta against Kesha… She is not demanding more money. Kesha asks for something far more basic: the freedom to make music without being bound indefinitely to the very producer who subjected her to years of abuse and continues that abuse to this day.”

Dr. Luke’s attorneys claimed that Kesha was attempting to litigate the dispute in the media.

Judge Kornreich ruled that Kesha cannot move forward with claims for breach of the agreement because she had failed to perform her obligations. Kornreich noted that Dr. Luke’s accountants have calculated $1.3 million in royalties, which Kesha owes him. His accountants also claimed the singer has not paid him since 2012.

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