Things Get Serious Between Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Age really is just a number! Although some might be baffled by the 22 year difference, actress Jennifer Lawrence, 26, and director Darren Aronofsky, 48, are reportedly getting quite serious.

The couple met while working together. Aronofsky directed Lawrence in the upcoming film, Mother!, and the two officially started dating last September.

Recently, Aronofsky took a trip to Budapest to visit Lawrence while she was filming Red Sparrow. Once she had free time, Lawrence flew to New York to spend time with Aronofsky. They’ve been spotted taking romantic strolls and movie dates ever since.

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A source told People magazine, “Jennifer is comfortable with an older guy because she is mature and focused.” Lawrence was also briefly linked to Coldplay front man, Chris Martin.

The pair were first spotted having dinner in New York last August. They were spotted again in October, where they had dinner with close friends at the Commissary restaurant located at The Line Hotel. They also got together to help spread awareness to college students to vote in last year’s election.

The source continues to say the pair are a very good match. “Jen is a serious actress and being around another person in the business who is intense about what he does has been good for her.” Having someone who understands your passion and your goals is always the start of a great relationship. One thing is for sure, we all can’t wait to see all of Lawrence’s upcoming projects!

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