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Bianca Balti Interview: Sports Illustrated, Beauty Tips, How to Take a Perfect Selfie & Plans for the Future

I had a pleasure of interviewing gorgeous and sexy supermodel Bianca Balti, who was born in a small town named Lodi, in Italy. Now fast forward 30+ years – she’s the mother of two, a supermodel, a wife, the face of L’oreal Paris and Dolce & Gabbana, and a Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year.

1. Congrats on being named the Rookie of the Year by Sports Illustrated. How does it feel?

It feels surreal! It’s been a great honor to be in the issue and the title is just a plus. I have the statue on the piano in my living room and I’m so proud of it and I will be forever!

2. I watched the behind the scenes video of the shoot and it looks so much fun. How much direction are you getting from the photographer?

James Macari, the photographer, is great at giving directions. Actually, his assistant Liz Lucszo creates some of the uncomfortable positions with him and we have to take direction ???? They might look natural, but they’re really not so it’s a mix of doing my thing and also following direction. I had so much fun especially because MJ, the editor, is so great and funny and the atmosphere is more of a party than work.

3. People usually feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, especially when they are wearing almost nothing. Any tips on how to take a good photo?

The tip is trust. We can just be ourselves so we have to trust the photographer and the stylist to do what’s best for you.

Lighting also makes a great difference; it has the power to make or break a photo. When you take a selfie just turn around a bit and look – depending on how the light falls on your face – to see what looks best.

Jeans ????and hot mamas ????(link in bio @voguemagazine)

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4. You’ve been working with Dolce & Gabbana for quite a while now. Any new plans in the works with the brand?

I started working with them 12 years ago. They started my career and have really loved me throughout the years so you’ll just have to wait and see what’s next 😉 I even did a runway for them pregnant! I mean…how great is that?!?

@dolcegabbana QUEEN ????

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5. Some models expand their careers into fashion design, releasing beauty products, perfume, starting blogs. What should we be on a lookout for in your future?

Let’s just say that something is coming out in June. I can’t reveal it yet, but I can say this – watch out girls! The next step is coming up!

6. In your interviews you look so confident, how do you build up confidence?

With age and experience. It does not come from being cocky, but from knowing exactly what works for me and what I have learned.

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7. You posted a picture on Instagram about your weight loss after having a baby. How did you manage to lose so much weight? Do you follow a strict diet, exercise a lot?

I never exercised before giving birth so it was tough, but I was so determined to be in my best shape for my clients. They are the reason why I am able to be a young mother without having to worry too much about the economical aspect of it so it just seemed fair for me to get back in shape. I was exercising twice a day and eating healthy; most importantly I had to reduce my portions. When I was pregnant I was eating sooo much. I never felt full from eating normal portions. That has been the most difficult part. Becoming a mother makes me feel so much stronger and I did it! It took me a full year, but I did it and I’m so proud of myself for that.

Training like a mom ????#part2 ????

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8. What’s your beauty routine?

Gosh! It’s so simple I almost feel ashamed of it 🙂 I take showers in the morning and moisturize. That’s pretty much it.

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9. People say that visualization is power. Have you ever seen yourself being a model, live in Cali, win Rookie of the Year? How does one achieve all of that? Any tips?

I love this question! No one has ever asked me that in 12 years. I do achieve whatever I visualize!

When I was a teenager I always imagined myself on the cover of a magazine and that happened! I always dreamed of having a house in Cali with a few kids running around that’s happened! I always imagined myself in Sports Illustrated and here I am! I mean…you have to be patient because it does not all come at once, but dreaming is a really important part of creating in your life so never stop doing that.

Love yourself, believe in yourself. But STAY HUMBLE ????#lifeisawonderfulthing

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10. What’s your favorite quote or words of wisdom that you live by?

Let go and let God. It’s important to recognize we’re not fully in charge of what’s happening in our lives so we have to work hard, but then accept whatever life brings. And having faith in God is so important! The bigger picture will be revealed at one point and it will all make sense.

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