Get Your Fix With The New Trailer For Game Of Thrones Season 7

HBO has just unveiled a 90-second teaser trailer of the seventh (and second to last) season of Game of Thrones and we can barely contain ourselves

If the final few moments of the trailer are any indication— Winter is most certainly coming. We last left off with Cersei as the new queen of King’s Landing, Jon Snow as the new King of the North, and Daennerys Targaryen sailing to Westeros.
This upcoming season has promised encounters and conflicts between beloved and despised characters, loads of action sequences, and a set up for the inevitable final season of the HBO hit.
It certainly cannot come any sooner either as the series is not only limited to seven episodes from its usual 10, but was pushed back for a summer premiere after always filling out the April slot since 2011.

With close to eight million views in less than 24 hours, the teaser trailer is accompanied by singer James aptly titled “Sit Down.” An electronically sinister backdrop that follows its characters sitting on their respective thrones. For what reason you may ask? Well for the impending horrors of war between one another as well as the doom of winter.
Game of Thrones has a knack for creating some stellar trailers which only gets us more and more excited for its premiere.
If you watch Game of Thrones religiously than the trailer is not nearly enough for you to feed on as you anticipate summer’s arrival. If you are not caught up on it than you best get to it before the conflict arises July 2017.

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