Selena Gomez in Bad Liar Video: Plays Multiple Characters

Selena Gomez has been having a great year career wise, she produced a successful Netflix show called “13 reasons why” and has released two new singles. The Bad liar music video was released on June 14th and the song is a little more toned down than her precious song with kygo “It ain’t me”.

Selena Gomez who started off with an acting career on Disney Channels “Wizards of Waverly place” is showing her acting skills once more in the new music video. After watching it a lot of us can agree we had to reply it to understand what the plot of this video is, and to hear the song once more.

The video starts off with Gomez playing a bullied high school teen who is watching herself as a grown man flirting with a gym teacher ( who she also plays). She then gets home to eat dinner with her mother, also played by Selena and her father. The mother and selena both stare at the father in disgust which leads us to believe that the family knows he is possibly cheating with the gym teacher that Selena saw him flirting with earlier. The video ends with Selena dancing around in her room and then laying in bed looking at a photo of the gym teacher.

Selena Gomez has explained before that Bad liar was inspired by the bassline in psycho killer a song written by talking heads back in 1977. This music inspiration did connect with the music video since the style was of the 1970s, costume designer Keri Perkins said the style came from the 1993 comedy Dazed and Confused which took place in the 70s.

Even though the 25 year old singer actress hasn’t given a full explanation on what her video is about yet, it seems she plays a high school teen who goes through bullying, since she is picked on in the video while walking down the halls. We can come to the confusion that her character is also sexually confused because she was looking at a photo of the gym teacher and then smiling when the gym teacher looked her way in class.

Either way we definitely can all agree it was entertaining to watch.

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