Big Brother Season 19 Premiere Recap

Another season filled with twists!

A new season of Big Brother premiered last night, June 28th, and there were definitely plenty of twists. To begin the two hour premiere, viewer’s were introduced to 16 houseguests competing to win $500,000 in the Big Brother house. Like every season premiere, the houseguests chose which bed they’ll sleep in, checked out the house and got acquainted with each other.

Eventually host, Julie Chen, introduced that the theme of the season is temptation and houseguests will be tempted by money, power and safety. This led to the first challenge where the first houseguest to press a button will get $25,000. The twist to this challenge is that whoever gets the money will unleash a consequence on themselves and the houseguests. Houseguest, Kevin got the money, and unleashed the houseguest consequence which was season 18 runner-up, Paul Abrahamian, entering back into the competition.

When Julie Chen said that Paul is swapping places with another houseguest, it was revealed that someone would be going home the first night. Paul had the power to keep nine other houseguests safe and those who did not get safety would fight for safety. Houseguests: Dominique, Elena, Jason, Jessica, Kevin, Mark, Ramses and.Raven were granted safety. The rest of the contestants competed in an endurance competition. Whoever lasted the longest in the endurance competition would be granted safety while everyone that fell off would choose an egg that would later reveal if they were safe or on the chopping block. Cody lasted the longest in the competition and was granted safety while Cameron, Christmas and Jillian end up on the chopping block. Later Julie Chen told the houseguests on the block that they could either choose to compete for their own safety or have the other houseguests vote for who they want to evict from the Big Brother house. By a vote of two-to-one, the houseguests on the block decided that they would rather have the rest of the houseguests vote for who they wanted to eliminate. The houseguests voted and they decided by a vote of 8-3-2 that Cameron would be the first houseguest eliminated.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 P.M. and Thursdays at 9 P.M. on CBS.

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