Episode 5 of The Bachelorette Shows That Competition Brings Out The Best and Worst of People

Everyone is stepping it up to win Rachel Lindsay’s heart

Rachel Lindsay is not playing any games when it comes to finding the right man for her. Because of Rachel’s serious determination, Monday’s two hour episode was filled with tension  as the men are getting very competitive to win Rachel’s heart.

The episode begins where we left off with Kenny confronting Lee because Lee said Kenny was aggressive to Rachel. Kenny defends himself while the other men in the group date speculate if the two will physically fight. Eventually Will tries to explain to Lee the history in the United States of black men being referred to as “aggressive” but Lee doesn’t understand and just thinks then that Kenny is using “the race card.” When all of the one-on-ones end on the group date, Rachel gives her group date rose to Bryan.

Later Rachel goes on a full one-on-one date with the attorney, Jack Stone. It seems like since Rachel and Jack Stone would have some chemistry since they are both attorneys, their date proved to Rachel and the viewers that they are not compatible. On the date, the two rode around a horse carriage, had oysters, took a dance class and then had a dinner, While Jack Stone seemed to be really interested in Rachel, Rachel was not interested in Jack Sone at all. Anytime Jack tried to get close to Rachel in a romantic or emotional way, it seemed like Rachel was not reciprocating the same feelings. When Jack Stone told Rachel that he imagines them just laying down in bed and talking, Rachel fully realized Jack was not the one for her. Rachel did not give Jack Stone a one-on-one date rose and left him brokenhearted.

Following the awkward one-on-one date, Rachel went straight to the rose ceremony without a cocktail party. Everyone received a rose except for Iggy, the instigator, and Jonathan, the tickle monster. It seems like Rachel wanted to eliminate more than two guys, but since she couldn’t, Rachel eliminated the two she definitely did not want to be with.

After the rose ceremony, Rachel and all the guys went to Norway . Rachel and Bryan went on a one-on-one date where they propelled off of a 187 foot building. Bryan’s romantic chemistry with Rachel seems to be the best compared to Rachel’s romantic chemistry with the rest of the guys. It seemed like Rachel and Bryan were making out or were physically very close to each other about 95 percent of the date. Even when they two were propelling off the building, they were making out. Even though Rachel was really enjoying her date, she was curious why Bryan seemed so perfect but was still single.

On their dinner date, Rachel and Bryan bonded about their insecurities. Bryan admitted to Rachel he was falling in love with Rachel. Rachel admired Bryan’s vulnerability and felt like the dinner date helped confirm to Rachel that Bryan was a good guy. Rachel gave Bryan a rose, and Rachel admitted in a confessional that she really likes Bryan. As of now it seems like Bryan is the front runner to win Rachel’s heart.

Following Rachel and Bryan’s beautiful date, Rachel went on a group date with everyone except for Lee and Kenny. The guys played handball and all the guys would try to be very romantic with Rachel. Later at the cocktail party, all the guys except for Josaih impressed Rachel. Peter and Rachel had a very intense make out session in the hot tub, but it was Will’s personality that won Rachel over. Rachel gave the group date rose to Will making Peter feel a little heart broken.

The next day, Lee and Kenny went on their two-on-one date. This date is very intense for two reasons, the first being Kenny and Lee’s on going rivalry, and the second being that only one guy was going to stay in the competition at the end of the date. Rachel and the two guys went on a date in the middle of the forrest. Kenny and Rachel’s one-on-one time went well as Kenny showed maturity and care for Rachel. Lee used his time with Rachel to make up a story that Kenny violently dragged Lee out of a car. Lee also said Kenny has drinking problems and that Kenny told Lee that Kenny has a dark side. These stories Lee made up concerned Rachel and she returned to talk to Kenny about what Lee said to her. Kenny obviously denied all of these falsehoods. Later we see Kenny laughing like a mad man as he is walking towards Lee. Then the screen says “To be continued.”

Tonight we will find out if Rachel will send home Kenny or Lee. Based on the teaser for tonight’s episode, it seems like emotions and tension are rising high as we saw a lot of tears and blood in the teaser for tonight’s episode. Hopefully Rachel looks past all of the drama and makes the right decision.

Check out tweets of what it felt like watching The Bachelorette last night.

The Bachelorette comes on Monday’s at 8 P.M. on ABC. There is an episode tonight, Tuesday, June 27th at 8 P.M. on ABC.

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