Only a Few Guys Survive Elimination On Episode 6 of The Bachelorette

Rachel’s search for love is causing a rapid elimination of guys

Last night, Tuesday, June 27th’s episode of The Bachelorette was a turn from dramatics back to Rachel’s journey to find love. By the end of the episode, Rachel eliminated six out of the twelve guys. Rachel is not wasting time when it comes to finding love and this episode proved just that.

To start off the episode we return to Kenny and Lee’s intense two-on-one date with Rachel. The two men are arguing even when Rachel is in front of them. At the end of the date Rachel sends home the villain of this season, Lee, and decides to spend more time with Kenny before giving him a rose. Instead of leaving Lee alone in the forest, Kenny felt like confronting Lee about the lies he made while Rachel was sitting on the helicopter. Kenny’s actions annoyed and confused Rachel however he made up for it in their one-on-one time together. Rachel gives Kenny a rose.

After the dramatic two-on-one date, it is time for the rose ceremony. Rachel surprisingly sends home Anthony, and unsurprisingly sends home Josiah. Josiah did not take the elimination well as he thought there were more guys who should’ve gone home before him.

After the rose ceremony everyone goes to Copenhagen, Denmark. When the guys get to Copenhagen, it is revealed that Eric would be going on a one-on-one date with Rachel. The two explore the city of Copenhagen and it is very romantic. The two later have a dinner date and that’s where Eric tells Rachel that his mother never showed how much she loved him which made it hard for him to date other people. The two talk about expressing emotions and had a very vulnerable conversation. Rachel gave Eric a rose and the two eventually went to a carnival.

After the one-on-one date all the guys except for Will and Eric go on a group date. All of the guys dressed up like vikings and fought like vikings. The fighting got so violent both Adam and Kenny got bloody eyes from it. After the viking fight, all of the guys on the group date have a cocktail party with Rachel. Rachel’s one-on-one time with both Bryan and Peter show that they are the front runners of the season. During Rachel’s one-on-one time with Kenny, Kenny admits that he misses his daughter and feels unsure about staying in the competition. Rachel encourages Kenny to go home to be with his daughter and Kenny does just that. At the end of the group date, Rachel gives her group date rose to Peter.

After the group date, the viewers got to see Will and Rachel’s one-on-one date. The two go from Denmark to Sweden for their date. The two are exploring Sweden however instead of it seeming like a couple spending time together, it seemed like two friends. There was no romance in the date at all.  On their dinner date, Will discussed how since he grew up in a predominantly white area, he only dated white women. Rachel said she grew up in a predominantly white area too but mostly dated black men. At the end of the dinner, Rachel said she felt like they were friends but not anything more than that. Rachel did not give Will a rose after the date.

After the one-on-one date with Will, there was another rose ceremony. This rose ceremony stressed out Rachel because she did not want to say goodbye to anybody. Rachel even had to leave the rose ceremony to get calm herself down. Surprisingly Rachel sent home Alex over Adam and Matt. There are now only six guys remaining: Adam, Bryan, Dean, Eric, Matt, and Peter. As of now it seems like either Bryan or Peter will win Rachel’s heart.

Here are some tweets that represent what it felt like watching last night’s episode.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 P.M. on ABC.



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