The Bachelorette Recap: Emotions and Tension Rises High During Family Meetings and Fantasy Suites

Everyone’s true colors are showing now as the finale is approaching

Last night’s The Bachelorette episode shows the reoccurring theme of this season, competition brings out the best and worst in everybody. This episode showed us Rachel and the three men competing to win her heat, in two settings, with Rachel’s family and in the fantasy suites. With seeing the men in the two different settings, it helps viewers see if they are truly husband material.

The episode starts off with Rachel introducing the guys individually to Rachel’s family. The first guy to meet Rachel’s family was Peter. The family was very impressed with Peter and even called him the winner. The family liked Peter’s maturity and they agreed with him that it is too soon to propose to and get married to Rachel.

The next guy to meet with Rachel’s family is Eric. Eric’s meeting with the family goes well as they loved his honesty and vulnerability. There was only one concern Rachel’s family had with Eric and that was that Eric has never been in love with anyone. Despite the concern, Eric does show maturity and a knowledge in what he wants in a relationship and marriage which won the family over. When Eric asked Rachel’s mother for her blessing to propose to Rachel, she gave the blessing.

The last guy to meet Rachel’s family is Bryan. Unlike Peter’s meeting and Eric’s meeting, Bryan’s meeting with the family does not go well. At first the family is concerned when Bryan said that his mother is his “number one woman” which makes them think if Rachel and Bryan’s mother had several issues, Bryan’s loyalty would lie with his mother. Later the family starts interrogating Bryan which makes Rachel “low-key annoyed.” When Bryan has a discussion with Rachel’s sister, Rachel’s sister thinks there is no sincerity factor with Bryan. Bryan’s discussion with Rachel’s mom is decent as she eventually thinks Bryan is “honest” and gives him her blessing to propose to Rachel. If Bryan’s meeting with Rachel’s family showed viewers anything, it is that love is blind as Rachel completely ignored all of her family’s concerns about Bryan.

After the family meetings, Rachel and the three guys go off to Spain for fantasy suites. Eric is the first guy to spend time with Rachel in Spain. It seems like with all the guys, Rachel has the most fun with Eric. Rachel always makes jokes and her fun personality comes out the most on her dates with Eric. When having dinner, Eric tells Rachel he’s in love with her. Even though Rachel didn’t say it back, she did give Eric the key to the fantasy suite.

After her overnight date with Eric, Rachel goes to the vineyard to have her overnight date with Peter. Rachel’s date with Peter has a lot of conflict. The main conflict of Rachel and Peter’s relationship is that Rachel wants to have a husband by the end of the season and Peter does not feel ready to propose to Rachel. Rachel says in her confessional “Tonight, for the first time ever, I am thinking Peter and I may not work out” and then a black screen with the words “To Be Continued” appear. Most likely we will see Rachel’s overnight date with Bryan on the finale episode.

Out of the three choices Rachel should pick Eric. Bryan lacks depth and doesn’t seem to be genuine in his feelings for Rachel. Peter and Rachel seem to never be able to compromise or male sacrifice for each other. Rachel seems the most carefree and fun with Eric and there’s a good balance of a romantic and emotional connection between the two.

Here are some tweets of how it felt watching last night’s episode of The Bachelorette 

The Bachelorette airs Monday’s at 8 P.M. on ABC.

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