5 Easy Steps: Become An Instagram Model

4. Set Goals

The average person posts pictures aimlessly, without really taking into consideration how many followers or likes that picture will gain them. Therefore, social media goals is a new concept to most. However to truly become Instagram famous in 2017, you must learn to think like a business. Working towards a goal is crucial for any business. Goals allows you to test methods and weigh results. For Instagram you should focus on four main goals.

  • Frequency of posts – How often you should publish new posts (per day/per week/per month)
  • Followers growth rate – The number of followers you want to gain (per day/per week/per month)
  • Engagement – The average number of likes and comments received per post
  • Conversions – The amount of direct leads you get from your IG account. If you have a website you can look at Google Analytics to see how many viewers visited your site by clicking on your profile. The method will vary based on what you set up.

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