Amy Schumer Confronted Netflix For Equal Pay

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The pay gap between women and men in Hollywood has been an ongoing issue that continues to plague the movie industry. But, comedian Amy Schumer knew her worth, and didn’t hesitate to speak out when she heard how much other comedians were getting paid.

According to Variety, Schumer negotiated her pay for her Netflix comedy special, “The Leather Special,” after finding out Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were making nearly double what she was. According to Variety‘s source, Schumer’s team confronted Netflix and demanded more compensation for her work.

Schumer was initially getting paid at about $11 million, while Rock and Chappelle were getting paid $20 per special. When she raised this issue, Netflix significantly compensated her, bringing her closer to the salaries of the male comedians.

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This isn’t the first time this issue has occurred. Women and other minorities in Hollywood still continue to get paid significantly less than straight, white males. While this problem is still definitely prominent in the industry, other female celebrities are standing up for themselves.

According to a report by People, actresses such as Charlize Theron and Emmy Rossum have faced similar problems. After a Sony hack revealed that Chris Hemsworth was getting paid more for his role in The Huntsman: Winter’s War than his female co-star, Theron renegotiated her contract and added $10 million more to her salary.

In Rossum’s case, almost the same scenario had occurred. She asked to be paid the same amount of money as her Shameless lead, William Macy.

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