Heidi Montag Clarifies About Her and Lauren Conrad

Anyone who was fans of Reality TV show The Hills remembers how problems between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag began. In the season three premiere during a night out, Conrad had blamed Montag for starting a rumor that she had a sex tape with her boyfriend at the time Jason Wahler.

Even though this happened ten years ago in 2007, it seems that Heidi Montag is still feeling like she needs to clear her name. Although, Spencer Pratt has taken the blame for it, saying he thought it would make for great TV, Montag is still trying to fix how she is perceived.

“I thought that our friendship was way stronger than Lauren blaming a rumor on me. I think the biggest misconception that was projected from that moment on was that I did something to Lauren, and I didn’t… I was nothing but a good friend to her. It’s unfortunate that that ended up being a whole chapter about how I was perceived and what was going on.”

Hopefully this interview that Montag had will help clear up any confusion fans had with what happened to the stars of The Hills. Montag also seems to have a lot happening in her life right now to focus on a feud from ten years ago. Her and Spencer Pratt are expecting a baby boy in April, “pregnancy has been amazing, I love being pregnant I think it’s one of the best times of my life” she says.

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