Jessica Biel Shocks Audiences in ‘The Sinner’ Premiere

For her role on USA’s new limited series The Sinner, Jessica Biel taps into her experience as a mother to play a woman that commits murder.

On the Wednesday premiere of The Sinner, Biel stepped into her new character Cora Tannetti who is married and a mother of one. In the first episode, viewers see Cora randomly kill a man on the beach without understanding why she does so.

When talking to E! News, Biel explained how being a parent and having her own family helped her prepare for her role.

“So playing a person who commits a crime like this and then has to really deal with the repercussions of how does that look like for her family unit—that I really understand and I feel very connected to that idea.”

The new TV series is based on Petra Hammesfahr’s novel The Sinner, which Biel described as “compelling.”

“And this particular character, who is so psychologically complicated, that’s what you dream of when you’re sitting at home like, ‘Oh, what would I love to do?’ Someone that is terrifying…all of these things wrapped up in this project for me,” Biel said.

You can watch new episodes of the The Sinner every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on USA.

Watch a behind the scenes look with Jessica Biel here:

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