Six Flags Opening a New Wonder Woman Roller Coaster

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Next spring, movie fans, roller coaster lovers, and thrill seekers will be able to enjoy a brand new adventure at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Six Flags has announced that San Antonio will be home to the upcoming Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. The new theme park ride will join the other DC themes rides at Six Flags, but it will also be the first of its kind.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Wonder Woman coaster will be the first single-rail IBox track coaster in the world. While many roller coasters run on two rails, the new roller coaster will be built with a single 15.5-inch-wide track. The ride will reach as high as 113 feet and have a hair-raising 100 foot drop.

The Six Flags VP and chief corporate engineer Larry Chickola talked to USA Today about the park’s new addition.

“I expect it to be crazy smooth and crazy fun. There will be extremely quick twists and turns—quicker and smoother than regular coasters.”

With the tremendous success that Wonder Woman has gained at the box office and with fans worldwide, there’s no doubt the new superhero attraction will be a summer hit.

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