Taylor Swift: Cryptic Instagram Post

Getty Images | Gary Miller

If there is one person that can stir more news than a once-in-every-400-years solar eclipse, it is Shake If Off singer Taylor Swift. All attention to your Instagram feed please.

So after wiping her social-media channels clean last week, many people schemed that it is because she has new music in the works. And yesterday, Swift appeared to confirm that speculation. The singer made a thrilling return to social media Monday morning with a blurry, cryptic video of a snake.

Instagram Taylor Swift

Does Swift have sssomething to sssay? You don’t have to be a Swift fan or a “Swifty” as it’s been coined, to know that the singer has a long and complicated history with “snakes.” This all stemming from a feud with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris about Swifts reveal of how she wrote the lyrics to Harris’s song This Is What You Came For. And later, denying that she had given Kanye West permission to name-check her on Famous, only for Kim Kardashian to release an audio recording of a phone call with Swift giving Kanye permission

Although we don’t have any actual facts on what the reptile imagery means, it seems to suggest that Swift plans to address some of her recent drama head-on. Swift is famous for writing songs about ex-boyfriends and past lovers, but maybe fans can expect an album about hashing out differences or possibly (hopefully) a name slandering, insult album. Say what you will, but those make for the greatest albums and reaches the highers charts.

While the cryptic post doesn’t necessarily confirm new songs from Swift, we have word that she has been working on a big comeback. A source previously told E! News exclusively;

“Taylor has been writing and recording her new album in Nashville for the last several months,” a source disclosed in May. “She has been working on it around the clock and will be making an announcement soon.”

Whether it will include past feuds, past lovers, or just plain and simple eye-opening life lessons, we can’t wait to see what music Swift has up her sleeve this time.



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