7 Things To Know Before The ‘Scandal’ Season 7 Premiere

Grab the wine and popcorn, Gladiators. Season 7 of Scandal will premiere on Oct. 5 on ABC, being the series’ final season on the air.

It’s been a few months since we last caught up with Olivia Pope and the rest of the associates and we all need a refresher from time to time. Here are seven things to catch up on before watching the new season. Warning: this list does contain spoilers, so you may want to go back and watch the remainder of the series before reading.

If you’re all caught up, however, let’s get to it.


#7 — Season six started all off on election night when Mellie Young lost the presidency to her opponent, Governor Frankie Vargas. While at first Mellie was demanding a recount of the vote, Olivia persuaded her out of it which ended up saving Mellie’s life. During his victory speech, Frankie Vargas was shot and killed.

#6 — Cyrus Bean is charged and arrested for the assassination of Frankie Vargas. Cyrus was running with Vargas as his vice president, so he was an easy suspect since the death of Vargas would put Cyrus in the Oval Office as president.

#5 — Throughout the season we learned that Cyrus was innocent and did not kill Frankie Vargas. Frankie’s assassin was no other than Olivia Pope’s father, Rowan, who was being threatened by Peus and his partner Samantha. He was ordered to kill Vargas and if he did not, they threatened to deliver him Olivia’s head in a box.

#4 — During the season, we were taken to a parallel universe and saw what the relationship between Olivia and Fitz would have been like if she never fixed the election for President Grant — which included a wedding. However, we were taken back to reality as Fitz left the White House on a helicopter to Vermont to establish his foundation, without Olivia.

#3 — Mellie becomes the next president of the United States after teaming up Frankie Vargas’ widow Luna, who later joined Mellie’s administration as vice president. Mellie was facing the threat of another potential assassination attempt but chose to attend the inauguration to properly accept the title as the very first female president.

#2 — A lot of changes happened last season at Olivia Pople & Associates. Olivia leaves the associates to dedicate her time and efforts at the White House. Quinn takes over OPA and is also expecting her first child with Charlie. Since President Fitzgerald Grant’s term ended, so did Abby’s position as chief of staff. After a long hiatus from OPA, Quinn hires Abby who will return next season as a gladiator, again.

#1 — Olivia discovers that Luna Vargas was ultimately behind the assassination of her husband, Frankie. Before the inauguration ball, Olivia and Jake force Luna to kill herself by taking some lethal pills. The alternative would be a very painful death. Olivia then decides to revive B613 and run it herself.

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