7 Travel Packing Tips

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Let’s face it, packing isn’t everyone’s strongest suit. Even if you travel on a monthly basis, packing looms over your shoulder like a nightmare. Not to mention the latest changes to baggage costs and stronger airport security measures. Things we used to take for granted when flying, such as complimentary beverages and luggage, are fading fast. Most U.S. airlines charge $25 per bag. Therefore, knowing how to pack efficiently is the key to lightening your load.

Here’s seven tips to packing efficiently for your next trip, might that be business or pleasure, and enjoying stress-free travelling.

1. Plan Ahead

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When it comes to packing, procrastinators fall short. That night-before-packing scenario is not the way to go for a stress-free vacation or business trip.

Start mentally planning your luggage two days (if not a lot more) before the trip. This allows you to know what items are essentials and what can get the boot. Planning ahead also gives you early insights on any additional purchased items.

2. Make A Packing List

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Yes, a list. Creating a packing list is a fail-safe way to ensure that you never ever forget to bring something important.

3. Put Your Clothes On A Diet

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You read correctly. Dieting your clothes doesn’t necessarily mean packing less, but packing smaller items. If that makes sense. Instead of packing a heavy sweater and jeans, try packing more travel-friendly options like a thinner pullover and pants in lightweight fabric.



4. Wear It On

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You can’t picture a vacation without your Burberry coat or Dolce & Gabbana boots. Why not wear it on the plane and save a lot of space in your luggage. Make it a rule to wear your biggest, bulkiest clothes on the plane.

5. Buy Travel Size Goods

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This ties in with planning ahead. If you plan ahead you have enough time to buy smaller items, therefore you do not need to pack big bottles of shampoo, face wash, conditioner, etc. You save a lot of space with travel size, which means more space for those lucky Louboutin’s that you wear to every single meeting.

6. Think Bling

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Spice up a basic outfit with compact accessories, such as belts, jewelry and scarves. By wearing your jewelry you not only save space in your suitcase, but it makes you look fashionable for your flight.

7. Look Good Arriving At Your Destination

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The secret to looking great disembarking is not about how on point your makeup stayed during the flight, although that does help, but with the type of clothing you wear on the flight.

Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Cotton is probably not your best bet as it wrinkles easily. But if you’re addicted to cotton, Brooks Brothers has stylish lightweight cotton blouses specially designed to withstand wrinkling.

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