Aerosmith Stops Tour, As Steven Tyler Returns To US For Immediate Medical Care

 As they say, ‘We humans make plans, and God laughs…..’”

Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, is “seeking immediate care” after his doctors advised him that he could not continue to travel and perform, causing Aerosmith to cancel the last four shows of their South American tour.

Tyler said on social media Tuesday that he will fly back to the U.S. on Monday night after a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The singer also says that he is “not in a life threatening condition” but that he needs to address these medical issues immediately in order to continue with future scheduled performances.

It’s easily noticeable that the singer is highly disappointed, after he shared a statement on his Twitter account Tuesday, apologizing to fans and writing, “I’ve let you down.”

Tyler added his own comments in the statement, writing, “To everybody in South America… Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico… I’m very sorry and feel like I’ve let you down…. I won’t be able to continue the last four shows of this tour. I flew back to the US on doctor’s orders last night after the show in Sao Paulo.”


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