Attention Millennials! “Mean Girls” Is Officially Coming To Broadway

Mean Girls
(Photo by J. Shearer/WireImage)

If you know what October 3rd is, that the limit does not exist, and how many candy-canes Glen Coco gets, then get excited because Mean Girls is officially coming to Broadway.

According to Variety, the new Broadway musical co-written by Tina Fey and produced by Saturday Night Live head-honcho Lorne Michaels will start it’s run in April at the August Wilson Theater. It is also set to have a pre-Broadway run in Washington D.C. starting Oct. 31.

The hype for the musical has been growing for a while now, and with most millennials quoting lines from the movie in their everyday life, the show should do well with this buzz. Fey wrote the book for the musical based on her screenplay from the 2004 movie, and the musical composer is none other than Fey’s husband, Jeff Richard, who has collaborated with Fey on 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The musical will follow the plot from the movie, just with updated pop culture references (so sadly, we may or may not see fetch happening). Just like in the movie, a teenage Cady, who after returning from being abroad must learn to navigate the cutthroat social scene of an American high school. Kerry Butler has been casted as Fey’s character, while Erika Henningsen will play Cady. Other notable names in the production include Taylor Louderman and Barrett Willbert Weed.

Mean Girls will start Broadway previews March 12 and will open April 8. Despite it’s mega-popularity, Mean Girls will still be competing with other big name productions, notably Frozen and Spongebob Squarepants.

However, just like high school cliques, we know millennials will be loyal to the teen comedy that started a new wave of pop culture references.

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