Instagram Quietly Released A New Feature We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Instagram app is seen on an iPhone on 16 March, 2017. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto)

You might have missed a small, yet highly requested feature that Instagram quietly released on an update earlier this week — a “follows you” feature.

Twitter has had this feature for a long time. You know, the ability to see if someone is following you just by looking at their profile. But up until now, you wouldn’t be able to see if someone was following you on Instagram unless you wanted to scroll through the hundreds or thousands of usernames under a person’s “following” tab until you found your account listed (or didn’t). No shame if you have done that, though. Everyone is guilty to some level of a social media stalking crime. 

Now, Instagram is saving you some time. If you click on someone’s profile, you’ll find a designated spot directly under their bio where the “follows you” feature will appear, if that account is actually following you that is. It appears only Android users currently have access to this feature but iPhone users will likely only have to wait until Instagram’s next iOS update. 

As word got around about Instagram’s low key update, users were anything but quiet about it on Twitter:


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