Spotify Introduces Your Time Capsule So That You Can Listen To Your Favorite Nostalgic Songs

Spotify Your Time Capsule
(Photo by Altan Gocher/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

For all of those who are nostalgic for the days of homecoming, first crushes, and the awkward braces phase, Spotify is ready to transport you back in time.

On Thursday, the streaming service announced they were dropping a new way to listen to all of your favorite #TBT songs, Your Time Capsule. The Time Capsule feature is personalized in the same way that the Discover selections are based on users’ streaming trends, meaning that Your Time Capsule compiles 30 of the most nostalgic tracks from your teens and early twenties based on what you listen to.

Spotify just wants to help you feel all the feelings from the time of your life where being emotional and dramatic was socially acceptable. From the song that played during your first make-out session or first dance with your crush, to the song you played on repeat when you felt unloved and unwanted, Spotify got you covered.

Your Time Capsule is available today for Spotify users over 16, and can be accessed at the top of Spotify’s homepage, in the Decades section, or on the iOS or Android apps.

In the mood to relive the best and worst moments of your life (a.k.a senior prom)? Then head over to Spotify now and start bopping out to your personalized throwback playlist.

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