“Stranger Things” Brings It Back To The ’80s With These Iconic Posters

Stranger Things
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/WireImage)

With Stranger Things Season 2 premiering in over a month, Netflix is pulling out all the stops to get people excited.

Last month, the Twitter campaign #StrangerThursdays started on the show’s official account, which recapped each episode of Season 1 and tying the episode to a classic ‘80s (or in some cases ‘70s) film. Yet, what is truly awesome are the posters the art team created in homage to these classic films, placing the Stranger Things cast in each film’s universe. So far they have movie posters spanning from Jaws to Nightmare On Elm Street.

Click through to see some which classic movies they drew inspiration from, and to escape into some real ’80s nostalgia.


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