Watch The The Trailer For Wes Anderson’s Newest Film, ‘Isle Of Dogs’

Youtube | FoxSearchlight

Wes Anderson is again diving into the world of stop motion moviemaking with the release of the trailer for his latest film, Isle of Dogs.

This is the first movie to be released from the filmmaker since his 2014 comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel and his second stop-motion film since his adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009. The film takes place in Japan 20 years in the future when a widespread, contagious “dog flu” outbreak abrupts leading to the mass quarantine of all canines. The plot of the film follows a young boy named Atari Kobayashi who travels to the island in hopes of finding his dog while avoiding the mayor who wants to stop him.

“You can also expect to see a raggedy one-eyed pup whose heart will presumably grow by the end of the movie, a teenage crush, and at least a few sniffing jokes,” The Verge reported.

The film features a long list of critically acclaimed actors and actresses including Edward Norton, Scarlett Johanson, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Jeff Goldblum to name a few.

Isle of Dogs is expected to release on March 23, 2018.


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