Bella Hadid in Complex Video: Funniest Comments & Reactions

Bella Hadid collaborated with Complex magazine to talk about her sneakers, which ones she likes to wear most, collaboration with Nike and etc. The fans of the Complex magazine reacted to the video in the best way possible.

Here are the funniest comments from the video (but you have to watch the video to understand what the comments mean)

Eva Mari:
homeboy gonna get it

Saad Belachemi:
Homegirl was cute until she spoke

Malia Intikhab:
I need a How-to guide on how to keep my sneakers dirty but fresh.
Sincerely, homeboy.

This girl is from a 0.01% upbringing and has never struggled in her life yet she tries to invoke speech as if she’s from the ghetto…

she speaks like a middle aged white mom who tries to be “hip” when her son brings home black friends ????????

I hope she looks back at this in a few years or preferably, today and realises how embarrassing this is.

she talks like an undercover cop

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