Chrissy Teigen Cookbook, House, Favorite Beauty Products

Vogue has interviewed Chrissy Teigen about things like her new cookbook, home, beauty routine, her relationship with John, and what is the best kitchen trick she’s learned.

Turns out the home she’s living at in Beverly Hills was formerly Rihanna’s house. The house looks gorgeous with an open layout up in the hills. From the kitchen and living room area, you can just get out to the pool and enjoy the Cali sun.

Currently, Teigen is working on her second cookbook saying that the hardest part about it is writing it.

When asked about the best kitchen hack she said: “having your mom live with you”.

Chrissy and John Legend have two grown bulldogs as well as a puppy Pablo who is one of the most adorable puppies ever.

Chrissy described her and John Legend relationship in three words:

"Do lark" – @monicarosestyle @eosborne_makeup @haircraigmarsden @off____white

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“Keeping it Sexy”

Chrissy has shared before good benefits of the Lemaire products that she’s used for her stretch marks. In the interview with Vogue, when she was asked about must-have items in her bag, she said it was her sunglasses and Lemaire.

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