Paris Jackson Heading To Puerto Rico

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As a major Paris Jackson fan naturally I’ve been watching every Instagram story she’s ever had. And the daughter of late legend Michael Jackson has not only grown up to be beautiful on the outside, but she has grown into this spectacular person always giving back to the community.

Hurricane Maria hit the Dominica at the beginning of the month, and it was amazing seeing the hundreds of celebrities making a difference and donating money to charities trying to help Puerto Rico.

Here are some celebrity tweets regarding the cause:

It’s always wonderful seeing people come together to help spread the word through social media, but what really stands out is physically going to a place in need and helping the residents — which is exactly what Paris Jackson is doing right now.

The star and her brother, Prince, are travelling to Puerto Rico with 5000 pounds of relief supplies. They are going to the western side of the island to towns that have not gotten enough attention.

Go check out her Instagram stories, before they end, to find out exactly what the family plans to do with their late father’s estate.

and clean water

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