Diddy’s Recent Name Change – Find Out What It Is!

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The 48-year old American rapper, singer and songwriter has announced that he will be changing his name once again, this time to Love aka Brother Love.

Shown on the beach wearing a white sunhat and aviator glasses, the Grammy Winner makes the announcement through an Instagram video.


“Ayo, what’s up, y’all? I have some very serious, serious news. I’ve been praying on this and I knew it was risky ’cause it could come off as corny to some people, but I decided to change my name again. I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different. So my new name is Love, a.k.a. Brother Love.”

He continues by saying, “I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy or any of my other monikers but Love or Brother Love, ok?”

A common trend seen with the rapper’s name change is that they’re followed by a new album, sound or business. In 1997, he debuted his album No Way Out under the name Puff Daddy. In 2001, he switched over to P. Diddy while also releasing the album “The Saga Continues,” which hit No. 2 on the charts. In 2005, he dropped the P and became Diddy, releasing Press Play a year later, which hit No 1 on the charts and then in 2014, he brought back Puff Daddy.

A new album is to be released in December, allowing fans to experience his unpredictable and creative persona for themselves.

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