Who is Atsuna Matsui: 10 Fun Facts @atsunamatsui

YouTuber, beauty and fashion addict, rosé lover and so much more! Here are some cool facts about Atsuna Matsui shared by her. You can follow her @atsunamatsui

1. I am INFJ.
2. I’m a major homebody/introvert and I embrace it. You are your own best company.

Jus living life on the ledge.

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3. My least favorite drink is milk. I can’t stand the smell or taste.

Blushing through winter with @storets

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4. I enjoy being creative.

Beautiful high ceilings and large glass windows. @come_to_hamburg #cometohamburg

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5. I speak 3 languages: English, Japanese, and Mandarin.
6. I tend to be a worrier.
7. My favorite color is white.

Sit down, slow down and enjoying a read.

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8. I love animals- I used to have 8 dogs simultaneously.
9. I played the harp at one point in my life.

10. I like the music genres: indie, electronic, and oldies.

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