Christian Louboutin: Tips for Success & Focus

Getty Images | Christian Louboutin

In the Studio, a new series that takes you into the unseen working lives of designers, is revealing to us their interests, where they work, and how they have become the masters in their field. Some of the designers that have been featured are Fendi, Christopher Kane, Donatella Versace and now Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin’s love for small spaces, has led him to open up more offices around the city of Paris, centering around his first shop that opened in 1991. For being a such a talented and personable man, you wouldn’t believe his peculiar office space and where he is able to create his work. One that is filled with strange objects and statues, he uses his surroundings to help him concentrate. He builds a home that is uncomfortable and where he won’t find himself resting (reasons he doesn’t own a couch). While we may find these tendencies strange, what else would we expect from a unique and talented artist?

To see for yourself his unusual work space and love for the city, watch the interview below.

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