Christian Louboutin is Releasing Nude Sandals for a Variety of Skin Tones

Fashion is all about being inclusive

Christian Louboutin is expanding his collection of nude sandals to be more representative of different skin tones. Originally the Nude Collection had five shades of the same pumps, now the collection is expanding from five shades to seven different shades. The collection also includes seven shades of ballerina flats called the Solasofia. The Solasofia costs $595.

Give me a N-U-D-E-S, what’s that spell? Nudes for all! ???? @sofiaandmauro

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Louboutin is also expanding his collection by adding two high heel sandals. The two high heel sandals are called the Christeriva and the Cherrysandal. The Christeriva costs $875 and the Cherrysandal costs $895.

It is great that Louboutin is expanding his nude shoe collection to fit people of all skin tones. Fashion is supposed to represent the world and Louboutin is making sure his nude collection is representative of people of all different skin tones.

Check out the full collection here:

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