Kenzo Spring 2018 Collection: Uses Only Asian Models

For their Spring 2018 fashion house, Kenzo, did something revolutionary.  To celebrate the heritage of Kenzo Takada and Ryuichi Sakamkto, Kenzo decided to only cast asian models for their show.  At a time where cultural appropriation and diversity are huge topics in fashion, Kenzo took a big step forward in the right direction.

The show, which happened earlier this week, featured models from all over Asia.  Primarily from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.  For the final Kenzo had the models stand united to showing a powerful stance on diversity for the fashion world.

For Kenzo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the Spring 2018 collection was about modernity but also a celebration of the brand’s Japanese roots.

“For both collections we aim to capture the duality of the [past and present].”

The designers also spoke about two of Kenzo’s muses, Sayoko Yamagichi and Ryuichi Sakamoto.  Kenzo’s recently release photographs of the new collection also only features asian models.  Scroll down to see more photos of the collection.


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