Zana Bayne X Museum of Sex

Nestled between corporate buildings and upscale restaurants in New York City’s flatiron district is the Museum of Sex—a surprisingly popular destination for tourists and locals.

Museum goers can learn about the world’s first sex toys, watch pornographic videos and jump around in a boob-themed bouncy castle. The latest exhibit, which opened last Friday, features designs by Zana Bayne, the high-end fetish-wear designer based in New York City.

Bayne founded her label in 2010, with a “post-fetish” mindset. She was one of the first designers to create fetish-inspired pieces intended for everyday wear, rather than for sexual practices.

Visitors walk down an all-black staircase and into a dark, dungeon-like basement to see designs that Bayne created. On display in several lit-up glass cases are intricate leather pieces sported by celebs like Debbie Harry, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. Some standouts include a white leather chain-mail dress comprised of stars that Gwen Stefani wore on the cover of Cosmopolitan, a white leather harness that Harry recently wore over a t-shirt, and a bondage-inspired black skirt and top that Minaj wore to her concert in Johannesburg, South Africa last year.

The harness sported by Debbie Harry.

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