Zana Bayne X Museum of Sex

Zana Bayne merchandise, created exclusively for the Museum of Sex.

The dungeon also contains a series of red-cloaked figures strapped to the ceiling with black leather and metal harnesses. The figures are strapped with leather all around their bodies, giving them an avant-garde vibe that screams female power at its finest.

Next to the figurines are racks of Bayne’s latest collection of leather harnesses, dresses, vests and bags. They feature star designs pieced with leather and metal rings, and black buckles trimmed with chains and other silver hardware. The designs, which range from about $300-$2000, are available for immediate purchase.

In addition to the viewings, Bayne collaborated with the museum to create an exclusive collection of t-shirts and tote bags, all available for purchase in the gift shop. The items are all black and white and  contain pictures of harnesses on them. The shop is also decorated with dress forms sporting classic black versions of the harnesses, chokers, and leashes, which are available for purchase.

Whether in a display case, hanging on a rack or draped on a mannequin, Bayne’s beautiful, couture-like pieces contain so much fine detail that pictures don’t do them justice. One must see the exhibit in person to truly appreciate the craftsmanship.

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