Project Runway’s New Season Features Plus-sized Models

Project Runway, one of the longest-running reality TV shows, is about to enter its 16th season.

Given the inclusive nature of today’s fashion industry, the show has decided to make major changes. The rail-thin models that typically walk the runway will be replaced with models of all shapes and sizes.

Supermodel and Project Runway hostess Heidi Klum recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the change.

Klum said the change was a long time coming, but noted that some of the designers weren’t happy when they found out they wouldn’t be dressing typical models.

“Not everyone is, you know, runway figure or what the runway figure used to be,” Klum said. “You have to dress real people, and real people come in different sizes: short, tall, more voluptuous, skinny.”

The show will feature models ranging from sizes 2-22. A teaser for the episode showed the designers’ mixed reactions to the news.

“Plus-size, medium-size, skinny—I’m already freaking out,” said contestant Sentell. “But I love it because it really challenges us.”

Season 16 of Project Runway airs on Lifetime on August 17.

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