The Ragged Priest Punks Up Denim

Two-toned denim, denim culottes, high-waisted and distressed denim are just a few of the ways jeans have been updated. One of the latest trends is adding metal to your denim. And I’m not talking the rhinestone-encrusted bell-bottoms you rocked in the 90s. U.K. label The Ragged Priest has punked up denim with grommets, zippers, chains and piercings.

Standout pieces include a denim jacket with a chainmail harness on the back, charcoal cutoffs with red zippers on the shins, and jeans made of multiple pieces of denim attached with grommets and metal rings.

A piece from The Ragged Priest might set you back $80-$100, but given the brand’s penchant for sturdy hardware and precise distressing, it’s well worth it.

Check out some of the best tough-girl denim below, or shop the brand at, ASOS and Dolls Kill.

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