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Who is Miroslava Duma? Husband, Career, Bro 24/7, Investments

Miroslava Duma, one of the most stylish ladies out there, known as fashion IT girl, a socialite though she doesn’t like to be called a socialite saying: The socialite label did bother me as it couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll never see me drinking and dancing at fashion parties … After all the shows, presentations, meetings and business dinners [during fashion week], I’m straight back to the hotel putting my kids to bed. [So if I am one, then] I’m the world’s most boring socialite,”

My ‘squad’ aren’t cool socialites, influencers or fashion celebrities. My squad are the chief executives of fashion and tech companies and the coolest tech nerds.

Miroslava Duma was born on March 10th, 1985 in oil-rich region of Russia. Her father is a former Russian senator and her husband, Aleksey Mikheev, is an entrepreneur working in the Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry. They have three children.

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