GAMENT – 3D Magnets of the Future: Catherine Kouris Interview

We have had a pleasure of interviewing Catherine Kouris, one of the founders of this awesome brand – GAMENT, the company that uses 3D printers to make accessories.

Magnetic 3D accessories, what!?!? Such a crazy yet awesome idea. It’s
so futuristic! How did you come up with it?

Thank you, it is a little crazy I guess! It actually didn’t start with 3D designs,

It began as a discussion with friends at my apartment. We wanted a way to personalize our clothing like a brooch, patch or pin, but without damaging it or marking it permanently. The idea came about to use magnets instead of pins or glue. I had inherited sewing kits from both my grandmothers and always had an interest in design, so I started sewing different types of magnets into fabrics, leathers, and decorating them with beads, lace and feathers. I started wearing them around and they got a lot of attention, but they would become too heavy the more detail I would add, and would sag down on lighter fabrics.

My cousin came for a visit and recommended I try 3D printing. It was like a light went off! I started working on my first 3D models and after a lot of googling and YouTube videos, I started slowly getting the hang of it. I sent away for my first prints and when they arrived I was hooked. I kept revising my designs, trying different materials and working with different 3D printing technologies, until I found the partner 3D printer I still work with. The whole process took about a year and a half and a lot of failed prints before I found the materials and the magnets best suited for what I was trying to achieve. Because of the lightweight material and rare earth metal magnets, GAMENTs can be worn almost anywhere you can imagine, half the fun for me is seeing how everyone wears them completely differently

GAMENT is actually an anagram for the word ‘magnet’, my friends and I came up with it one night when we were trying to figure out what I should call these new accessories.

Where do you get the inspiration from?

I’ve worked in jewellery and fashion since I was in high school and have always had an interest in art and design. I’m inspired by beauty everywhere and love patterns and architecture.

hidden curves ????????????

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Most of the items are in neutral colors. Any plans on adding some
bright or pastel colors?

I like the idea of creating pieces that can be easily incorporated into a wardrobe and so I do tend to stick to a more neutral palette, but I am always looking to add more touches of colour to the designs.

How hard is it to work with the 3D printer? Any limitations?

I am mostly a self-taught 3D designer and mainly learned from the wealth of information available online and by working with more experience 3D printers. I’m still learning every day and am amazed by the new applications for 3D printing and it’s possibilities in the future.

I feel it really is almost limitless, I’m always seeing new and amazing things coming out of 3D printing from medical and industrial design application to fashion and accessories.

Are you planning on expanding into any other items? Clothes maybe?

Yes, definitely! The more I work in 3D printing the more inspired I become. I’m currently working on a collection of interconnecting bangles and there is always more to come.

#3Dprinted Magnetic Wrapping #bracelets ????????????now available on our online store!

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