5 Benefits of Chickpeas – Get Them from Biena Foods

We tend to snack a lot during the day but that’s not the snacking that adds calories but what you choose as a snack.

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are very nutritious and are a great source of protein, fiber, manganese, folate and so much more. And no, they can be also roasted not only cooked. Roasted AND sprinkled with different flavors. Biena Foods snacks offer so many different flavors from simple sea salt to habanero, to dark chocolate covered chickpeas.

Now that we know where to get this delicious and nutritious snack, here are the benefits.

1. Help fight diabetes
Chickpeas are high in fiber which helps improve blood and insulin levels

2. Maintain bone health
Chickpeas are rich in iron, zinc, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium which help maintain bone health and structure.

3. Good for the heart
Since chickpeas are rich in fiber, eating them helps lower cholesterol, therefore,

decreasing the risk of heart attack.

4. Help prevent cancer
The mineral – Selenium cannot be found in a lot of fruits and vegetables but chickpeas are rich in selenium. Selenium prevents inflammation, helps enzymes of the liver to function properly. Another mineral that chickpeas contain is folate which plays role in DNA synthesis and repair.

5. Help with digestion and loosing weight
Because of high fiber content, chickpeas promote healthy digestion. Besides, you feel full longer reducing your appetite.

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