How to Remove Scratches from Cartier Love Bracelet?

Did you know that Cartier Love bracelets are one of the most scratch prone bracelets out there? And what makes seeing that scratch even more painful is the price you pay for that bangle.

Well here are some ways on how you can clean, shine and polish the bracelet.

1. For a simple cleaning you can do it yourself. Use a very soft brush (sometimes Cartier will give you one) and delicately clean it with a soapy lukewarm water. Then carefully rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. You can use the same cloth you use to clean your sunglasses. But if you are not sure if this cleaning technique will clean your bracelets well, go to a specialist or a Cartier store.

2. You can go to any Cartier store and use their shining service. What they do is they diagnose, buff, clean and inspect your bracelet. The service is free. This though won’t help much with actual scratches.

3. You can polish your bracelet at the store as well but this service is not recommended too often because what they do is take off the top layer of the jewelry. Besides, if you have some deep scratches or dents, polishing won’t help.

The price for polishing starts with $100.

Of course you can go to your local polishing guy but you can’t guarantee he will do a good job. At least at Cartier, they should be responsible for their work, right?

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