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Nighttime Rituals for Feeling Rested and Energized

We all know that sleep is a very important part of us being energized, rested and successful. Unfortunately, our busy lives, all the stressful activities during the day – make it hard for us to fall asleep quickly so that we can get as much rest as possible.

According to different studies, in order for people to be productive as well as emotionally stable, we need to let our brain rest at night. And no, brain doesn’t turn off when we sleep. It actually continues to work. It is working on the things it can’t pay too much attention to when we are awake. When we sleep, the brain is making sure that our biological state is being prepared for the day ahead.

Not only getting enough sleep is good for your efficiency, but it’s also good for maintaining good health and even weight. Different studies are suggesting that on average, we need to get 7-9 hours of sleep. But what really matters is not the quantity but the quality of sleep.

How many times have you slept in on the weekend expecting to be well rested? And how many times have you ended up being even more tired than on the weekdays? That’s probably because since it’s the weekend, you went to sleep later than usual, overdid on those happy hour drinks more than needed, or simply the bed or bedsheets you were sleeping on were not that comfortable. Usually, adjustable bed bases and frames are an excellent choice for a good night’s rest because you can adjust it to your individual needs.

Besides, the best way to manage your sleep and get the best results out of those zzz’s is to create a nighttime ritual and stick to it both on the weekends as well as weekdays.

1. Create a regular sleep schedule! A good way of doing it is downloading an app for your phone that would remind you when you need to go to sleep to get the full 7 or 8hrs of sleep (or what’s best for you).

2. Monitor what you eat at night. Not only eating late leads to weight gain, there is not enough time for the body to digest all of those ingredients you consume during dinner. Instead of concentrating on falling asleep, your body is spending energy on breaking down that steak and fries you just had an hour ago.

3. Keep a diary or a list of things that happened during the day and plan for the next one. Sometimes, even if we try to go to sleep at a certain hour, we can’t fall asleep right away. One of the biggest reasons is that in our head, we are still mulling over the things that happened and planning for the next day. The best way to deal with the stress of the day is to actually write out things that bother you. When it’s all right there on paper, your thoughts will be more organized and compartmentalized.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of a warm bath. Wash that stress away, spend some time on yourself, light a candle and just relax.

5. Exercising before sleep might not be your best option for a relaxed sleep but a nice long walk or some stretching could do you real good.

6. Meditate, read a book, hang out with your loved one or a pet.

7. Make sure your bedroom is inviting and relaxing, that your bed sheets, pillows, mattress and bed are comfortable. Also, adjustable bed frame could make a huge difference in how well rested you feel in the morning.

Good sleep is as important as exercising and eating healthy. It’s something we can’t just take for granted but have to work on. Keep track of your sleep patterns and how you feel after you wake up, see if you need to adjust your nighttime rituals, sleep less or more, change the bed you are sleeping on, maybe the temperature in the room? Once you figure that out, you will feel rested, energized, productive, healthy, fit and ready to conquer the day!

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