How Get Rid of Sensitivity During Teeth Whitening with Advanced Training

We’ve all wanted a bright white smile at least once in our life, but we’re never ready to give up most of the drinks and foods that stain our teeth. Thankfully, cosmetic teeth whitening has become more accessible over time, and now we can have the smiles we’ve always dreamed of.

Teeth whitening is a delicate process that requires a lot more than just putting a whitening gel over the teeth and activating it with some light. Even though everybody with a healthy set of teeth can get the procedure, many people often suffer from hypersensitivity after whitening their teeth, when this can actually be avoided. 

Thanks to professional and advanced teeth whitening training, your technician might offer you specific treatments before whitening your teeth to make the process a lot smoother and less painful. 

What causes sensitive teeth and how to avoid it?

For example, standard bleaching gels are too thick and don’t penetrate the little spaces around enamel rods fast enough. This is why most applications usually take so long, even when they don’t achieve the desired results sometimes. These lengthy procedures tend to dehydrate the enamel, and when the teeth start to rehydrate in the first 24 hours, some people might have unpleasant sensitivity. Pre-bleaching is a great way to avoid this. 

Some methods like Pure Image Canada’s WHITERx Pre whitening swabs are made of a thin liquid that penetrates the enamel much faster and pre-hydrates the teeth to avoid this painful problem and to achieve better results in a shorter time. That’s why it is a must to pre-whiten your teeth to get the ultimate pain-free results. 

Why advanced teeth whitening training is necessary?

However, not every company offers this type of services. In fact, since cosmetic dentalbleaching products are more accessible nowadays, some sketchy technicians will go the cheapest route to offer unrealistic prices and results. Some of them might even reuse disposable items with the excuse that they can be disinfected, putting their clients in danger. Teeth whitening is perfectly safe when a trained operator does the procedure.

Always look out for professional companies that will make sure you get the best results possible with the right teeth whitening materials in the right amount of time. As we all know, teeth whitening doesn’t give you permanent results, but you can still keep your radiant smile with different home whitening kits, special whitening toothpaste and touch up pens or strips.

And if you’ve paid enough attention to how the teeth whitening business has grown over the years and you’re interested in becoming a professional technician, choosing the appropriate teeth whitening gels, LED laser light and proper training is crucial to the success of your business.

Of course, it’s necessary to be budget conscious when you first start but always remember that what you pay is what you get, and getting poor quality equipment won’t be safe for your clients nor your business in the long run. 

In essence, advanced training paired with high-quality products and equipment will always deliver high-end results and happy customers, you’ll love to make people more confident about their brand new radiant smiles the right way.

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