Givenchy Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Runway Show

No matter the material, the Givenchy design house can make it into innovative art

It’s unique. No, it’s not unique in the way someone describes an object when they don’t know what other word to say to sound polite. Givenchy’s spring/summer 2017 collection is stunningly unique.

This is a collection that must be seen in person to be able to grasp the full reasoning behind it. According to Vogue, Ricardo Tisci pulled portraits of Native American women wearing Victorian dresses in the late 19th century. Having no intentions to disregard culture, Tisci made it apparent that these pictures were the beginning tools to his inspiration.

Dramatic fringe, detailed prints and accentuated trends are all major ways to describe everything involved in the women’s collection. With the models’ hair slicked back with minimal makeup or accessories, each ensemble is showcased in the spotlight with even the slightest motion.

This collection displays critical thought as nothing seems to be overdone and every detail has a rightful place.

The men’s collection gives off the same appeal but with more modern design. Bold prints are draped wonderfully on each model. The little accessories that are placed on them have ultimate purpose.

The Givenchy design house has managed to use innovation as their main feature when creating their ultimate looks, and it has allowed for memorable runway shows each time.


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