3.1 Phillip Lim Fall/Winter Fashion Show Review

Phillip Lim Added Some Vibrant Colors To His 2017 Fall/Winter Show

Phillip Lim introduced some youthful elements in this collection with the use of different colors and subtle details. These factors played a major part in producing a collection that can be considered electrifying and structured at the same time.

Some of the looks in this collection used a netting styled-material as an under-layer to expose some of the skin which creates a new level complexity at the same time.


Some of the subtle details that were added to particular pieces in this collection helped pull the look together. Lim used earrings as brooches and brooches as earrings which is inventive and innovative.

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The collection as a whole used more vibrant colors than Lim’s 2016 Fall collection. The audience was exposed to cobalt blues, blush pinks, and pale oranges which invigorated the entire collection.



Check out some of the best looks from the collection below:


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