Alexander Mcqueen Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Show Review

Sarah Burton’s Creative Eye Reveals A Freshness That Pays Homage To Alexander Mcqueen

This collection from the mind of Sarah Burton reveals a new layer to her creative vision that is separate from where Mcqueen has come from, but still weaves in the peculiarities that previous collections displayed. The main focus of this collection can be honed in on the freshness that remains grounded by use of heavy leather belts that drape down the look, and the use of embellishments that bring weight to free-flowing pieces.

Hand-stitched designs weaved their way through dresses which added creative lines that were at times symmetrical and calming, while others were more sporadic and craved attention. Both designs were executed beautifully and accentuated the models look flawlessly.

Some of the dresses from the collection had the look of tapestries that would be found in the medevial period, because of the shapes and images displayed on them.

A stand-out piece from this collection would have to be the over-sized jacket that was decorated in multicolored thread. This piece tied in elements of previous collections, but can clearly be looked at as a piece Burton felt would add more strength to the collection

Check out some of the best looks from the collection below:



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