Balmain Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show Review

Olivier Rousteing Expands His Creative Horizions With This New Collection

Olivier Rousteing took on some unique elements with this womens-wear collection, and shows some significant differences from the Balmain many of us may have grown accustomed to. But, fashion is ever growing and developing into something more elaborate and Rousteing is a Creative Director that develops the same way fashion does.

Traditionally we have seen Rousteing’s image of¬†Balmain take on military-esque styles that exude strength and beauty, and as seasons changed that military style later transformed into a more animalistic primal beauty that still held true to the sharp shoulders and uniform style fashion. This collection however is much looser and free-flowing. Much of the material from this collection does not hold the woman tightly, it rather dances around her.

Exotic leathers and dangling embleshiments take this collection down a different path, but still maintains the image of a unified collection.

The colors range from blacks, browns, and golds that keep the collection together while the pieces themselves are hanging freely.

Here are some of the best looks from this collection:


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